Some examples I’ve collected from different aspects  that can be connected to this specific project. Since we discuss this piece is more video/narrative direction. I try to avoid too much interactive/techy stuff. If you are interested just contact me.

Watch them and get inspired !! Feel free to add more 🙂


DandyPunk (beautiful dance/music/art with sensational narrative concept)

vjsuave (Love his colorful style, narrative and moving-projections on nature environments)


Breaking with mapping   (Great example of combination of visual and urban dance in a non theater environment)

Funky performance for Japan got talent (Simplicity, funky, fun, interactive(choreographed) visual projection for street dance)

Nosaj Thing Eclipse/Blue  (beautiful experimental projection mapping element for performances)


Ready to Cloud  (Projection on smoke)

Meta vs verdo   (Graffiti + Projection mapping)


Interactive SkateBoard  (Always inspire me for making dance floors)

Promoting Samsung’s switch grip camcorder  (Commercial dance + Projection mapping on simple structure) 


Reincarnation (Non-real time but my ideal visual example for dancers) 

CCTV documentary  (Meaningful design of with strong concept behind the motion-generative art)

Pyramus – Dance is:  (simple/narrative/choreographed)


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