Rehearsal Recap 10-6-13

Earth Dance:
eden is going to sit in the chair and jeramia stands behind her and eventually holds her shoulders and you struggle to stand then break free.
Notice Earth and he teaches you about earth. He discoveres the box and gives it to eden. Eden opens it and
minute: 2:02 box opens and stuff comes out and Earth disappears.

Water Dance:
start 20 seconds in to the song. Cut tot the end
eden looks around finds Water sleeping and then Water arises when the beat drops at 0:46.
Water teaches eden to be like water. Then gives her the bottle then eden drinks the water and the character disappears.

Air Dance
off the chair is 0:27
wings moment is at 1:09 end at 1:42
eden gets blown away and then walks

Everyone needs one white clothes item and the rest black.


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