Sunday Meeting Plan and Inspiration

Here is a tentative plan for our Sunday Meeting/Workshop  at 2pm in D12 which is where we met for class

(feel free to add to this or alter as you would like)

1. Check In – Lets all have a quick check in about what skills we can contribute to the project and what we would like to get out of it. Someone will take notes for the blog.

2. Movement Improvisation- Lets do a structured movement movement improvisation with the performers for a few minutes to see how people interact and work with each  other. I can take notes and notice dynamics of the group and lead as needed.  We can use the music people have brought in as a guide.

3. Lets all discuss the findings of the improvisation and what we learned about each other and some potential characters of moments we can film for the piece.

4. Lets discuss the story we see developing and get a rough idea of narrative structure.  Someone or a team will volunteer to make a storyboard.

5. Lets plan the next meeting and timeline for filming.

Here is a video of a fun theater/animation piece I saw in Edinburgh which inspires me!



Some examples I’ve collected from different aspects  that can be connected to this specific project. Since we discuss this piece is more video/narrative direction. I try to avoid too much interactive/techy stuff. If you are interested just contact me.

Watch them and get inspired !! Feel free to add more 🙂


DandyPunk (beautiful dance/music/art with sensational narrative concept)

vjsuave (Love his colorful style, narrative and moving-projections on nature environments)


Breaking with mapping   (Great example of combination of visual and urban dance in a non theater environment)

Funky performance for Japan got talent (Simplicity, funky, fun, interactive(choreographed) visual projection for street dance)

Nosaj Thing Eclipse/Blue  (beautiful experimental projection mapping element for performances)


Ready to Cloud  (Projection on smoke)

Meta vs verdo   (Graffiti + Projection mapping)


Interactive SkateBoard  (Always inspire me for making dance floors)

Promoting Samsung’s switch grip camcorder  (Commercial dance + Projection mapping on simple structure) 


Reincarnation (Non-real time but my ideal visual example for dancers) 

CCTV documentary  (Meaningful design of with strong concept behind the motion-generative art)

Pyramus – Dance is:  (simple/narrative/choreographed)